Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me lately. I'm feeling a weird mix of emotions right now being a black Beninoise adoptee. I grieve with the black community because I know what it feels like to deal with racism, white privilege, and not being understood. I grieve for the families of the slain policemen. I grieve because of the silence of my friends and family. But I also grieve because there are experiences that I do not understand yet and because part of my history does not intertwine with African American history.

Is it too much to ask to be listened to when I express feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, and fear over what has been going on? Anger at racism, not at the policemen who were protecting. Sadness also at racism and brutality and unheard voices. Confusion over what is really going on and why no one seems to be listening to each other. And fear at my future as a black woman in the States, fear for my future children who will have to deal with this racism, and fear at what will come from all of this killing.

I've mostly been sharing links and listening because I have no one here to dialogue with outside of my family. So, think of it as me speaking when you read the articles that I share on my wall.

I wonder what other black adoptees growing up in white families are thinking. We don't usually have much of
a community around who have gone through these experiences or who can fully empathize. Some of us have wonderful parents who are here to listen, learn, and feel anger/sadness/fear with us. But, unfortunately, skin color separates them from sharing the racism experiences.

I'm so tired of having to stick up for my dark skin.

How about before trying to explain to me that "all lives matter" or that race isn't the issue here, you listen to my experience. Ask me what I've been thinking these past few days. Ask me what God's been teaching me. Ask me how you can pray for me and the black community. Then read up on other experiences, ask more questions, and pray. And finally, go back and see if you still think you should be telling me that all lives have mattered this past week and that race isn't an issue.

God is grieving too. But he is working. So I will keep trusting, learning, loving, listening, and hoping.

Keep praying for the Sterling family, Castile family, and the families of the police officers.

Psalm 62.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Well, let me just tell you that today sucked for me. It was awful to say the least. To put it in perspective for you, those of you who were in Niger when the churches burned last year? My emotion levels today were about at what they were in January.

And I wasn't only upset at the murders and brutality of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. No, it was more than that. Don't get me started on how I feel about that! I was (and still am) upset at the amount of silence on this issue. No one seems to be listening to the breaking hearts of black people across the nation. Instead, I keep seeing comments from people trying to justify the actions of the police or even saying racial issues don't exist. Remind you of anyone? Think Job's friends/wife in the Bible. Instead of mourning with him, they tried to blame Job and God.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the shootings of Sterling and Castile were race issues or police issues or whatever, this is definitely not the time to be posting about that (go read some articles on those matters). Now is the time to be praying for, advocating for, encouraging, and comforting us: your black friends/family/coworkers/neighbors/church members. That's what you do when someone is mourning. That's what we did for Paris, Lebanon, Nigeria, Orlando, etc... We were changing our profile pictures, discussing this at church, donating money, having blood drives. What will happen because of these two shootings??

Of course, there was the case of 12 year old Trayvor Martin back in 2012. I was in Niger when that happened and was not familiar with the racial/police brutality issues going on in the States. Now that I'm back, it's like hitting a brick wall and being engulfed in it all. I am no longer seeing people who look like me every day which hurts like crazy for one thing. I am learning and experiencing now which is good. But I am being traumatized and terrified in the process. And that's totally not ok.

I'm scared. Terrified. Traumatized. Scared of what would happen if I were pulled over. Scared for other black men and women who may have these same things happen to them. Scared that no one will act. And I'm angry that people are actually saying that race issues don't exist. Angry that we are still stereotyped. Angry that people still don't get it even after we share our experiences. Angry that people are scared of us AND take advantage of us because we are black. Angry that no one seems to be wondering how this is affecting myself or my community. How about the 4 year old who witnessed Phil Castille being shot? What about Alton Sterling's family?

So, what can you do? White people specifically (because you do not have to deal with racism): Please, please, please speak up. When you see racism or prejudice at the store, church, work place, school, etc. defend the POCs involved. Let others call you out on your prejudice/privilege/racism. Educate your friends. Communicate and learn with your POC friends. Let them share their experiences.

Parents of transracial adoptees: Put yourself in their place and practice empathy. Do what's listed above. Talk about what's been going on. Join Facebook groups and learn. Don't raise them in a "white bubble."

Everyone: PLEASE be praying. Please pray for the families and people involved. Please pray for God's justice, comfort, peace...Please don't be filled with hate towards anyone. Be filled with anger towards this horrendous situation and act on that in ways that will make a difference. Do some of the things listed above. Speak out. And no matter what, DO NOT BE SILENT. DO NOT IGNORE.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I do believe that this is breaking his heart too. He's not ok with what's going on. And he's definitely not ignoring either. While I don't know what will be the aftermath of all of this, I'm not losing heart or faith.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Honduras 2015 - One Year Anniversary

Believe it or not, a year ago TODAY I left for Honduras to see Compassion's ministry and to meet Fady and Ali. So, in honor of this special one year anniversary, I'm going to share below what I remember from each day as well as share with you some very special videos that I took while I was there.

Click on each title to view the post I wrote right after I returned. They're worth the read and are full of pictures!

Day 1 - Traveling On My Own
I remember unpacking and re-packing my bags about a billion times in order to get everything to fit. I regret not bringing more but as it was my first time going with Compassion, I wasn't sure what to bring or how much. More importantly, I didn't want to overwhelm Fady and Ali. However, next time, I think I will bring more stickers and bubbles for the kids that I meet at the various Compassion centers.

I got the window seat on the plane which was very important to me because I wanted to take pictures as we descended into San Pedro Sula. Two bags didn't arrive with us and I was scared to death that one was mine. I remember praying that I would have a humble heart and that I wouldn't be upset if my bag of goodies didn't arrive and I had nothing to give my kids. I wasn't going to Honduras to bring my kids gifts! I was going to hold them in my arms and to spend time with them. And while my bag was actually on the ride, I'm thankful that God had prepared my heart and not only was I able o hold my kids but was also able to give them their gifts.

Day 2 - Visiting HO364
I remember waking up feeling pretty inadequate because I didn't know Spanish so I wouldn't be able to communicate with the kids that day. However, God quickly reminded me that he was providing and wanted me on that trip for a reason.

The day was incredible hearing from moms and kids in the Child Sponsorship Program. We learned that Compassion was providing resources for these moms so that they could better provide for their children at home. Things as simple as drawing pictures at the Compassion center full of vibrant colors and taking them home to teach their toddlers definitely stuck with me. Afterwards, I spent the morning coloring with some insanely adorable toddlers. They could barely speak so I didn't have to worry about using my broken Spanish. God providing once again!

We then visited a sponsored child and his family's home and learned how Compassion was providing for them and their neighborhood.

Day 3 - Visiting HO372
On this day, I remember feeling inadequate all over again and extremely nervous because I had been asked to do something prior to the trip. One of my sponsor friends wanted me to take pictures of the day (especially of her own sponsored children at the project) but after the beautiful church service, we were doing home visits. I realized that I wouldn't really have an opportunity to meet with all the kids. However, God was certainly working. The house that my group went to for our home visit belonged to her newest sponsored children Astrid. I was able to tell her personally that her sponsor loved her and was coming soon to see her.

Back at the hotel, we heard from three incredible students in the Leadership Development Program. They shared how Compassion had changed their lives and how each intended to return to their communities to serve and spread the Gospel.

Day 4 - The Best Day of My Life
I will NEVER forget this day or the emotions I was feeling. This was the day I met Fady and Ali for the first time!

The drive to the beach (where we were having the Fun Day) was probably around two hours so I forced myself to stay awake so that I could pray. We arrived at the beach before the kids which gave us some time to look around and be nervous together. When the buses arrived, I couldn't see Fady or Ali but they both saw me! In a recent letter from Fady, she told me that she had seen me from the bus and had yelled "That's my sponsor!"

I remember seeing Ali first and giving him, his mom, and his center director big hugs. We took pictures and then Fady arrived. She had brought her little brother, her mom, and her mentor along with her. It was a very special moment meeting Fady's mom because for the first year or so that I had been sponsoring Fady, her mom was the one who wrote the letters. Afterwards, we found our table and I gave the kids the first of their gifts - swim suits and shirts! Poor, Diego (Fady's adorable little brother) was impatient to get in the water so we changed into our suits and ran in. Fady's suit fit her perfectly (which I am thankful for because she hadn't brought one) but Ali's was way too big. However, his mom came prepared and had brought his suit.

That day, we went on a boat ride, splashed around in the water, ate a delicious lunch, asked each other questions, and before I knew it I was giving them their gifts. I gave Fady her gifts first and have included the video for you all. I will never forget how happy Fady was when she saw her doll. After, she carried her around while she played soccer with Ali and the doll was still in her arms when she climbed on the bus. I also shared with her why I chose to sponsor her and how much I loved her. I also prayed for her.

I gave Ali a soccer ball which he also adored. After letting me pray for him, he and Fady and Diego went out in the sand to play around with it. Just from this video, you can see he's a quiet, internal processor. He zipped through all the gifts but treasured his soccer ball. I think he's written to me about it once and has also told me that he's enjoying "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

Right before the day ended, I took a very sweet video of Diego...being Diego. I will treasure this video forever. I miss each of them every day.

Day 5 - My Last Day
Final day in Honduras. After doing some souvenir shopping and getting some gifts for my family, we headed to the airport. I remember the plane was having problems and we had to sit on that poor plane for hours and by the time it took off, we had all missed our connecting flights. The people sitting next to me were part of a large youth group that had gone to Honduras for a mission trip. They hadn't heard of Compassion International so I was able to share why I was there and talk nonstop about how amazing Fady and Ali are.

Arriving in Miami was problematic with all of us tired, frustrated, and needing to book connecting flights. I was so thankful for all the sponsors that helped me figure out my flight and then get me to my hotel. Around 3am, I headed back to the airport and finally made it back home to my family safely.

What Did I Learn??
Before the trip, I asked God to share something special with me while we were there. I was hoping it'd be about my future and what he wanted me to do with my life and I guess that, in a way, he did. The biggest lesson that I learned while in Honduras was to trust God through EVERYTHING and never forget that he is always in control. Every time I was worried, he came to my rescue and also gave me a beautiful day with my sponsored kids.

Looking back, I am still in awe at all that God accomplished for the 36 of us on the trip. I'm sitting here in my room looking around at all the pictures of my kids hanging on my wall. I have their first sponsor pictures, special moments from Honduras, and also a Honduran cross hanging by my door. Most importantly, I have Psalm 46:10 (my favorite Bible verse) by my bed that reminds me every nigh and day of how I need to trust God in everything.

Do I hope to return to Honduras? Absolutely. I would love to go back for Fady's 15th birthday after I finish college if I can. And maybe one day, I'd love to work or teach in that beautiful country.

I also learned the importance of writing letters to my sponsored kids. It's not enough just to send in the $38 a month. In order to build that relationship and to help encourage their walk with God, you must enter into their lives and allow them to enter into yours as well.

Thank you once again to all of you who donated and prayed for me on this trip one year ago today. I'm so thankful God provided you all for me. And I pray that you were blessed and challenged reading about the journey.

Please click on the titles above to read the full stories OR click on the "Honduras 2015" tab above to read all my posts on the journey leading up to Honduras.

Happy one year anniversary, Fady and Ali. I love you both so much.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

My very long rant about "Me Before You"

*** WARNING. This post contains huge SPOILERS that will most definitely ruin the book and movie for you. I've warned you. Read on if you dare ***
*** Second WARNING. These are all my own thoughts and opinions. I'm writing this post because I have no one to discuss this with. It's summer and all my friends are either scattered around the world or are in the middle of reading the book and/or awaiting the movie. So, please, bear with me and don't get too upset for my thoughts/feelings. If you do feel the need to discuss what I've said below, please be respectful and I shall be respectful back. Also, this was written late at night so I apologize if it doesn't really make sense.. :) ***

It's been FOREVER since I last wrote on here (SORRY!!!!) so I apologize if this was not what you were expecting for my first post back. But I had to get this off my chest and you can't just write this on Facebook because not everyone has read the book or is familiar with the story.

We're (well I am) going to talk about Jojo Moyes' hit romance/drama novel called "Me Before You." The movie is being released pretty soon starring Sam Claflin (the best!) and Emilia Clark.

I'm not really going to go into much detail about the plot because you can look it up on IMDB or Wikipedia but basically, this quirky young woman takes a job as a health care assistant for this very rich, very arrogant, and very depressed quadriplegic  man named Will Traynor. They start out pretty much hating each others' guts but then become used to each others' quirks and personalities and eventually fall in love. However, Will has a dark secret because he can no longer take his life in a wheelchair (so far from his pretty incredible life before) and has made up his mind that he is going to kill himself (in a very "nice" way though. Apparently, there's this place in Switzerland where you can
go for a sort of "assisted suicide" thing.).

So, anyway, there's this really intense scene where Will and Lou have just shared their first kiss and then like two seconds afterwards, Will gives this long speech about no matter how much they love each other and no matter how much care Lou is able to give him as his body fails, she will never be enough for him because he longs for his previous self much more. So, he ends up going to this place in Switzerland and dies with her by his side.

So, naturally, I had a few problems with this book.

1) The Book Mottos/Lesson
"Live Boldly." "Live Well." "Just Live." This is what Will Traynor tells Lou over and over in the book. Why? Because Lou has only held a few jobs, is engaged to this other man who she doesn't really have anything in common left, has never left their quaint little town, is highly intelligent, and doesn't really take risks. The movie's going to push these quotes quite a bit too, I'm sure. Now, I have absolutely no problem with those sayings. In fact, that's a part of the book that I took with me and I do plan to remind myself to live my life BOLDLY and WELL. The problem is that Will telling Lou this makes himself a bit of a hypocrite.

How can he tell Lou to live her life boldly, live her life well, and JUST LIVE when at the same time he is planning on ending his life a few months later? How can you convince someone that they aren't really living just sitting, afraid to take chances and face fears, and afraid to challenge themselves? Will can't stop longing for his life before when he was a business man, a traveler, a risk-taker, and a huge ladies' man! He longs for his old life so much that he is unable to see any purpose in his current state of life so he decides that he needs to just die. No...I'm pretty sure you can't tell the woman that you secretly love to stop settling for less and reach out for more when you're planning to do the opposite.

Believe me, I do understand that he's immensely depressed and that it is REALLY, REALLY hard to be in a wheelchair, especially after such a bad accident and such a seemingly great life beforehand. But especially as a Christian, I know that life is still worth living (kind of like those lyrics to one of Justin Bieber's newest songs. Yup, had to make a JB reference). Being in a wheelchair, or being raped, or being robbed from, or put in prison, or losing a loved one, or failing school DOES NOT define you. It's going to hurt for a long, long time and really affect you but it doesn't mean that you're damaged goods and should just end your life. But even in saying this, I know that it is very hard to believe that for yourself especially when these issues are right in front of you. To quote my all-time favorite movie: "Bad things happen but you can STILL LIVE" (Super 8. Go see it asap).

When you put it like that, these sayings are no longer something you can quote back and forth with your girlfriends as you can with Hazel and Augustus' "Okay? Okay" thing ("Me Before You" has been compared numerous times to "The Fault in Our Stars" by the way..).

2) The Assisted Suicide Theme
You know that something is seriously wrong when a bunch of women ranging from all ages can get through a book like this (with such an incredible love story, mind you) and still be absolutely ok that it's basically condoning suicide. Meanwhile, we're living in a society where there are people ending their lives because of bullying, mental health problems, sexual orientation, religion, finances, etc. How is it ok for Will to do it? And going along with my rant above, how can he do it and at the same time urge someone else to live their life to the fullest no matter what?!

Lou has had it pretty hard. She's living in the shadow of her sister, her dad is always putting her down, she can't hold a job, her fiance is slipping away, was maybe involved in some sort of gang rape (wasn't entirely sure while reading the book) and (not to mention..) she's about to lose the love of her life (*cough* Will Traynor). Should she choose the same path as Will?

Now, you might be wanting to ask...

Am I still going to see this movie in theaters? Probably. Sam Claflin is an amazing actor and he will make the perfect Will Traynor (just see the trailer). And I'm convinced that Emilia Clarke will be an amazing Lou. But I also want to see the movie to see how close it is to the book. And finally, I hope that seeing the movie will help me to further understand why Will decided to make this decision. I'm still completely against it. It angers me  and breaks my heart (as you can see from this very long rant) that someone can get to a point in their life where they no longer see a purpose (just read my other posts. I've written many, many times about bullying and suicide prevention). But there are people in this world like him who feel that there life has no purpose. And I think it's important for us to show some empathy and try to understand where they are coming from. Personally, I hope it will enable me to pray for them better and to help them if I am ever to come into contact with someone feeling the same way.

"Me Before You" was beautifully written. I remember writing on Facebook about 24 pages into the book that I was already in love with the story and hadn't even been introduced to Will Traynor. Jojo Moyes is a great writer (much like John Green) and knows how to pull and tug on her readers' hearts. You can't help but swoon and squeal at the shared wit and sarcasm between Lou and Will. And you can't help but love Lou's dysfunctional family. And I'm sure this is why so many people have fallen in love with the story. But no matter how great the novel, I believe books are meant to teach you something. Sometimes the lessons are sad ones ("The Great Gatsby" for example) and sometimes they're really great ("The Perks of Being a Wallflower"? Or maybe "Paper Towns"? Sorry, it was hard to come up with one since I usually only read dark and somewhat depressing books). And if one of this book's lessons is that assisted suicide is ok then that's really awful (**I'm not actually sure if that was Jojo's intent but that's one thing I personally came away with).

Anyway, it was good to get this rant off my chest and I do hope that you were able to come away with something. Even if you don't agree, I hope it made you think and challenged you.

And once again, please feel free to have a quick chat with me about what I've said. But once again, please be respectful of my thoughts and opinions and I will do the same to you!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wow, I am SUPER sorry for the lack of posts, everyone. Been very busy with college life - studying, time with friends, sleeping, Netflix, God.. you know. But in honor of it being Valentine's Day, here is what I am sending to Jaqueline, Lucy, Eloie, Fady, and Ali!

**Feel free to use this with your own sponsored kids!!

Dear _____,
I pray that God is blessing you and your beautiful family right now. And I also hope that you are having a wonderful day! Today is when parts of the world celebrate Valentine's Day - a day all about showing love to everyone around us. Love can be shown through kindness, caring, prayer, and being there for your friends and family. DO YOU CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY?

I would like to use this day to tell you how much I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life. Because of the love that Jesus has shown for me by dying on the cross and loving me even when I sin, I want to show this same love to you. I love you even though we have never seen each other face to face. I love you because of your _____, your ______, and because you are YOU. You are so special and so lovely. You become even more lovely and beautiful each and every day. This beauty is not just on your face. This love is also inside your heart as you care for your family and friends, learn at school, and go to church. And your strength is not just in your body. It is also in your heart. Why do we love? 1 John 4:19 tells us that "we love because God first loved us." 

Also sponsorship is opportunity. It is an opportunity for me to love you and an opportunity for you to love those around you, whether they are sponsored or not. Because as Christians, our godly love makes us very powerful. And we can either use this powerful love to help others or we can just keep it inside where it will never be used. I pray that you will use it to help others around you. That is what Jesus has done for us. WHAT ARE WAYS THAT YOU CAN SHOW LOVE?

Today, I will be praying for you. Not only will I be asking God to help you show love to everyone but I will also be thanking him for bringing you into my life. You are a blessing and a precious treasure. I love you!

Your sister: Alicia

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prayers For Justin

What were your first thoughts when you saw the title of this post? Did you really want to click on the link and read this? I wouldn't have blamed you too much if you'd ignored it. But since you clicked on it, please hear me out.

I've been a fan of JB (or as we like to say - a "Belieber") since 8th grade. My friend first introduced me to his music by making me listen to One Time and Baby. From then on, I couldn't get enough of his music, his hair and his adorableness.

After a few years of obsession (you know - posters on my walls, his songs on replay, tears shed over me being in Africa while he was touring in the States . . ) I began to lose interest. I never hated him or his music but I no longer played his songs or kept up with him on Twitter.

Then, as I began to grow closer to God, I realized the importance of praying for people with so much influence. So, I started to pray for Justin. I asked God to keep him safe and healthy, to use him for his glory, to keep his motives and actions pure and occasionally, I would pray for the opportunity to meet him in person. I began listening to his music again. When you pray for someone, you learn to love them in a Christ-like way. I was no longer obsessed but I did find myself caring for him and for his well being. But I shouldn't be talking about the past. Even now, I pray for Justin.

The reason why I'm blogging about this is because, for a while, I honestly felt like the only person on the
planet who prayed for him. I'd never come across someone else who realized the great influence that he has over his fans can and should be used for good. Justin grew up in a Christian home and has a foundation built on Christ but somewhere along, he lost his way and found another path.

However, even though I thought that I was the only one who was praying for Justin, I decided to keep it up but also keep it to myself.

About a year ago I came across a page on Facebook  called Just Pray For Justin Bieber. When I found their page, I told them that they were an answer to prayer. You mean I'm not the only one praying for JUSTIN BIEBER?!?!

Now, I KNOW that Justin has made lots of terrible choices and he's far from being a perfect person. Especially after his "bad year." But just because he's made lots of mistakes does not give us the right to judge him or degrade him. Don't forget that God created him and wants to continue to bless him and his career.

Especially now that it looks like he's turning his life around (just google "Justin Bieber Christianity" and you'll get a bunch of interviews about him talking about his faith. I mean, he even invited a reporter to church. And you can click HERE to see a video of him praying for the recent Paris attacks during one of his shows), it's not the time to beat him down. I do think it's ok to be reluctant about whether or not he's serious (even though I truly believe he is) but stop and think for a second.

As Christians, we know that we have been saved by grace. We know that we're nowhere near perfect and mess up I mean, our sins don't end up on national TV but in God's eyes, they're just as bad as what Justin has done. I honestly know that I have sins that could compare to what he's done. But again, Jesus died for my sins as he did for Justin's.

That's part of the reason why I've been praying for him and follow pages that do as well. And the "Just Pray for Justin Bieber" page has influenced me to create my own page where I can openly share prayers and praises about him too.

The tagline on the Facebook  and the Twitter  pages says: "A page for dedicated believers and Beliebers to come together to pray and support Justin Bieber" because that's what I want to be about.

So yeah, I made the page because I'm still a pretty big fan. I'm obsessed with his new album and I love seeing him on Ellen or Jimmy Fallon. But I also made it because I truly want to pray for him and care about him because I believe that it's one of the ways that God's using me. Honestly. Because when you've got someone who has so much influence over his fans and what they listen to and believe, it's important that they stay rooted in God. And when you have someone so young surrounded by wealth, money, and probably doesn't have many people to trust, it can definitely get depressing. Depression is scary and it's dangerous. So, I've learned to look past the whole "celebrity image" thing and just see people.

And yes, I've already gotten some hate for making this page and for sharing that I pray for Justin. But that's ok because I believe in the power of prayers and I believe that God can do anything. So, who knows what will happen as of a result of these prayers?

Therefore . . .

I would like to ask you guys to please "Like" my page and "Follow" me on Twitter. Please help me get the word out. Maybe other Bieber fans can start to pray for him too. Or maybe people will keep asking me why I pray for Justin and I can share the Gospel with them! I also hope that you will start to pray for him too - even if it's only once a month or even once a year.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Meeting Spencer Kane

I'm finally getting around to writing about that day that I went to Benton to help out at Spencer Kane at a concert.

I've been a fan of Spencer Kane for about two years ago (you can read about when I interviewed him for a bully awareness assembly HERE) and back in April/May I joined his street team (click HERE to read about what that all entails).

Part of my responsibilities as a member of Spencer's team (which is made up of about 15-20 teens/young adults around the world) is to help work the merchandise table at concerts if the venues are close to where you live. Obviously, I wasn't able to do that overseas but now that I'm back in the States, I jumped at the opportunity to help out. Siloam Springs is maybe a 4 1/2 hour drive from Benton so I am VERY thankful that my parents were able to drive me. Plus they got to watch the concerts!

So, on August 29th (just a few days after starting my classes at college), I drove with my parents all the way to Benton. Fortunately, I was in contact with Spencer's dad/manager the whole way there so we easily located him when we got to the venue.

By the way, the concert that Spencer was performing at is called Amplify Fest and it's an annual Christian event which I highly recommend. It's also free!!

A couple minutes after I started working the table, Spencer came by to say hi to me and to the fans who were buying CDs and posters. So I got to finally meet him in person (we had corresponded a bit through twitter, Facebook, and Skype)! He's just as sweet, friendly, and funny as he is online and he was also much taller than I thought he was!

Did I also mention that this was my very first concert? I told Papa Kane (what we call Spencer's dad) out of excitement and you know what happened later on right before Spencer performed? I was invited backstage to WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!

It was absolutely incredible. I got to stand backstage by Papa Kane as he managed the show. I knew every word to every song that he sang (Heart Like You, Runway, Speak Love..) and it was really heartwarming watching all the fans react to hearing him sing. 

Spencer was also performing with Abigail Duhon, another talented singer. Her father is also the co-producer of God's Not Dead. It was really nice to meet Abigail and watch her perform as well as meet her dad.

Check my Facebook Page and you can watch some of the videos of Spencer and Abigail performing live. 

After watching Abigail and Spencer, I went back to the merchandise table because after everyone had heard him perform, there was a LOOOONG line of people either wanting to buy his stuff or to get a picture and autograph. 

Spencer and Abigail came over to autograph and to take pictures so I kind of got to work alongside them.

When all the pictures had been taken and every poster and T-shirt had been signed, it was time to all of us to leave. For my work at the merchandise table, Papa Kane gave me one of Spencer's T-shirts (see the gray one on the right?). I also had him autograph it and then got a few pictures with him:

What an awesome day!! It was such a blessing to meet Spencer and his dad and be there to help them out. AND I got to experience my very first concert backstage!

You can check check out Spencer Kane by clicking on the links below:

Be sure to check out Spencer in "God's Not Dead 2" which will be out in theaters April 2016!!